Service Request

One of the fastest ways that we can address service and maintenance problems, is through our online service request form. This way of contacting us helps us maintain organization, and gives us the information we need from the tenant along with the complaint.  It helps us get right to the heart of the matter and fixing your apartment in Clovis with the Clovis apartment group.

Filling out this form will yield the best results. It makes it easier for us to decipher what the problem is, where it is coming from, who has filled out the request, and files it so we can address it quickly. The most important factor in eliminating the inconvenient maintenance problems you might have. It’s making the communication process as simple as it can be.

To further make this process easier, we have broken up each of our property locations service request forms and put them into specific areas. The tabs below will redirect you to a form that’s location specific and will have your service request organized properly for quicker service.

If you need to make a service request for your apartment in Clovis, please select your apartment location from our options below and fill out our online service request form. We hope to make everything within your community as enjoyable as possible.


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