Countryside Contact

For setting up an appointment for any of our Countryside apartments, please feel free to contact us at any of the below numbers or locations. We are able to respond to email, telephone, or in person appointments and make every effort to reply to each inquiry promptly. We have four locations available for our apartments near Fresno University and are conveniently located in the area. Come by and check us out today to make one of our communities your home.

Setting up an appointment to view one of our apartments will be the first step into getting a unit in our community. Once the application process has been completed, you can start making one of our units your home and enjoying your time here. With our convenient locations, you won’t be far from the central locations in the area. For those students looking for a place to live during the school year, our apartments near Fresno University are perfect for a comfortable living situation.

If you have any other questions or comments about our Countryside apartments, we’ll be happy to answer them. We hope to hear from all of our prospective residents and help them make the choice in making our apartment community one in which they will be able to make into their home.