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This weekend is shaping up to be one for relaxation and that is always the best kind.  For starters, the weekend should be something in which everyone gets a chance to unwind and debrief from all the stress of the workweek. We know how it goes, and we hope that every member of our community is sitting back and spending this free time in the way that they see fit. It is, after all, your weekend so you should be able to spend it however you want.

It’s Friday, Let’s get this thing started.

Clovis Apartment Group: Weekend Review

Saturday: Is looking like it’s going to be a little hot, so make sure you stay hydrated if you are going out. The temperature is going to be a high 82, which is slightly cooler than today, with a 58% humidity. There is also a 10% chance of precipitation, but we aren’t anticipating any stormy weather. For now, it looks like this Saturday is going to be ideal for a walk around the neighborhood, or for a nice ice cream treat.

Sunday: Has clear skies all day long, with a high of 86. It’s hotter than Saturday, but still not as hot as it is today. Things couldn’t be better for a nice, relaxing Sunday, with the open skies, low humidity, and low wind. This is the ideal day to get out the grill and enjoy a little out door time with some of your friends and family.

We hope that the weekend gives you all a chance to sit back and relax. It was a long week, and you deserve a break to unwind and relax the way you want to. As the Friday begins to roll into the night, we want to make sure you are well informed about what this weekend has in store. If you have any plans or events coming up that you want to share, leave us a comment about it and we’ll try to put a spotlight on it for the rest of the community. Anyway, here’s to the weekend.

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