Back-to-School Safety

With the first day of school just around the corner, we want to remind everybody of some important safety precautions. Please take a minute to review these safety rules with your children. We hope you have a happy and safe school year!




Always use the sidewalk, if you can.

Always wear a helmet when riding a bike or skateboarding.





Stand at least 6 feet away from the curb when waiting for a bus. That’s 3 big steps away.





Never cross the street while using an electronic device.



backpack helmet skateboard_pixabay


Which backpack is best?

Things to think about:

Reflective material for safety

Padded shoulder straps for comfort

Multiple Compartments for weight distribution

The sizing should never be wider or longer than your child’s torso and never hanging more than 4 inches below the waist.

Children should never carry a backpack that weighs more than 10% of the child’s weight, according to the American Chiropractic Association.