Clovis Weekend

And another workweek has come to a close. The long weekend ended and brought with it another fine summer week, but now comes the fun part. With this weekend we are looking at some great times to be had. There are movies and events galore, plenty of options to make your weekend the best, and we’re excited to tell you about some of our favorites. Let’s get into it, shall wee?

Clovis Weekend:

Friday: The Clovis weekend gets started right away with the latter half of Friday. Tonight at Eaton plaza, the summer series of movies in the park continues with a free screening of Monsters University. This is going to be a great way for you and the kids to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors while taking in a family movie. This is a great event that we are glad is taking place and, since it’s a summer long affair, we hope you get the chance to make it part of your Clovis weekend while the weather is still nice.

Saturday: There’s going to be a special lantern tour of the crystal cave at Sequoia national park. This is going to be a rare opportunity to see the cave in a whole new light. Need more details? Here’s a bit more about it:

Experience Crystal Cave in a different light using candle lanterns. Each visitor will be provided their own lantern as they tour this unique, marble cave. Crystal Cave was first discovered by park employees in 1918 and opened to the public 70 years ago for tours. Step back in time to view the cave in much the same way that it looked to the first explorers with flickering candles and listen to the stories of discovery, exploration, development and restoration in this beautiful national park treasure. Tour length is 1.5 hours. Limited to 18 persons. Ages 12 and up. No flash photography. Not recommended for those who have trouble seeing in low light situations, or with mobility problems. COST: $16 per person. Tickets may only be purchased at the Foothills or Lodgepole Visitor Center.

Sunday:  Need a way to round out your Clovis weekend? Why not partake in the Meux Home Museum tour? With this event you will be able to take a look at Fresno’s Victorian past with a tour of a Victorian style home done up in the period. The home itself was placed on the national historic registry and so a costumed tour guide will lead you on an hour long tour through this old styled house. It starts at twelve and takes place at Meux Home museum on 1007 R Street at Tulare.

As always, we hope your Clovis weekend is exactly what you want it to be, and we hoe these highlights help. We’ve got some big stuff planned for you in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for a few announcements. If you have any events you want to promote, let us know and we’ll do our best to put a spotlight on it.  Have a great Weekend.