Green Tip

Now that the New Year is underway, we thought we might lend additional green tips that can help you live a more sustainable life. We tend to put green tips in our monthly newsletter—just a few more weeks until February’s—so think of this tip as an addendum to hold you over. So now let’s get to the green tip, shall we?


Green Tip:


There has been a surge in the “up-cycle” movement’s popularity, but not everyone wants to have an entire apartment full of mismatched items artfully put together for something completely new. There is, however, a lot of good that can come from reusing your discarded items.


Using certain items in a different way can help you reduce the amount of waste your household produces, but can also make like a little easier. We ran a blog not too long ago about turning an old trunk into a coffee table, but there are many more things that have this same purpose.


Old baskets can be used as shoe organizers. By putting an older basket in the closet, you can put your shoes in it and clearing up the space in your closet. This is a simple one, but try it out and see how much more organized your closet will become.


Another tip is to take old tennis balls and put them on the feet of your chairs. This is a great way to keep your chairs from scratching up the floor. If you don’t like the green of the tennis ball, you can make it a family arts & crafts project and create some really great looking table accessories.


With all things, there is always more to learn and figure out. With up cycling, you can create your own furniture and D.I.Y organizational items that you will end up creating your own, unique interior design. Hope this green tip helps, and be sure to stay on the look out for more ways you can make your life sustainable.