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Hopefully a lot of you got the chance to check out the last few days of the Clovis Rodeo last weekend. This weekend, brings another great event to Old Town Clovis that we are sure will be another great time. It’s the annual Wine Walk, and there are plenty of fun activities and events to take part of while you spend your Saturday strolling around and sipping on fine wines.

With the weekend just a few more hours away, we can’t help but feel excited for the great events taking place in Old Town Clovis. There are many more events coming up, but we are very excited for this weekend’s Wine Walk.

Old Town Clovis:

Here is the round up for this weekend:

Saturday: This is the day of the Wine Walk. It starts at 5pm and continues until 8:30 pm. It’s sure to bring a lot of fun times with both old friends and new. It takes place in Old Town Clovis and is the perfect opportunity to see all the aesthetics of Old Town, while indulging in a bit of the nightlife. It’s going to be a gorgeous day of about 90 degrees, so be sure to drink lots of water. There will be a few clouds, which should provide some shelter from the sun, and the chance of precipitation is so low, that there should be no problem with the weather interfering with the Wine Walk.

 Sunday: Is going to have the best weather of the weekend; nice and warm. There’s going to be a nice opportunity to enjoy the surroundings of Old Town Clovis while still relaxing and enjoying your weekend however you want. It’s going to be a nice, even 86 degrees with low precipitation chances. There may be a few clouds, but that isn’t enough to put a damper on the day.

We hope you have a good time on your weekend, and hope some of you get a chance to go on the Wine Walk in Old Town Clovis. It is going to be a great event with lots of great activities to enjoy. As always, we want to hear about your experiences. Be sure to let us know if you go to the Wine Walk and tell us what you thought about it.


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