Rain and The Weekend

So, another month is upon us.  This month’s newsletters are available and hopefully you had a chance to browse through them. We touched a lot on the current water ban, with many suggestions on how you might be able to conserve your water. Thankfully, there seems to be some wet weather headed our way. It may disrupt some of the weekend events, but it is a much needed storm front that will hopefully break us out of the drought season. Here’s hoping for rain, anyway. A rainstorm can bring a halt to any outdoor weekend activities, but that doesn’t mean the weekend has to be uneventful. In fact, circumstances such as that can be the perfect time for you to think creatively, and make a weekend itinerary that is both entertaining and unique.

Rain, Rain Go Away. Actually, We need you. Stay for a while:


  1. Simple things can be done if you are stuck inside. One of the main things people are often complaining about is never having enough time to organize their house. Taking a day to sit inside and clean can be a beneficial process. Clean house means a clear mind, and utilizing a rained out day to organize can help you feel productive, while also filling up your time.
  2. Even better than cleaning, is catching up on some personal activities you might not have time for during the week. When there is rain outside, the best thing to do is curl up on the couch and read a book, or catch up on your favorite T.V show.  The leisure options are numerous and the chance to kick back all day should never be passed up.
  3. If staying inside is giving you cabin fever, there is always the option of catching a movie, or going out to eat.

The options are still there to have a good time, even if it’s raining. Of course, there will always be things to do in the area, and we have some great ones on the calendar. Whatever you do this weekend, be sure to enjoy it. You only get two days before it’s time to get back to work.