Apartment Living And Interior Design

Doing projects for your home can be a tedious task, we know. Doing projects in an apartment can seem even more of a hassle, but they don’t have to be. Often times, people complain about not being able to make their apartment be as chic as they would like it to be, but there is a simple solution to this. When faced with the problems of interior decorating, one must think creatively in order to be creative. This week, we have a tip on how to add a layer of sophistication to your bedroom, without stepping on the toes of your apartment provider.

Interior Design for apartment living:

Take your box spring and wrap it in a sheet, or fabric you find appealing. Typically you will want to find a color that matches well with your walls and curtains. It’s all up to you for choosing your color scheme, but a good indicator for your color palate is going into your closet and seeing what color most of your clothes are. This informs you of what color you gravitate towards and can help turn your room into a center for tranquility.

Once you have decided on your color, you need to wrap your box spring with the sheet or fabric you have chosen. Use a staple gun to make the corners flush and sturdy, and you’re done. Put your mattress back on the box spring and you are well on your way to having a very chic room.

With interior design, it isn’t necessary to have a big budget, or a big house to pull off. Some of the best solutions come from practical things used in creative ways. For apartment living, making sure your projects stay within the guidelines or your apartment complex is key. Doing small projects to your personal items, and decorating your room around these set-ups can transform your Apartment from a standard living space, to a high scale home.