Getting Into Fall

And here we are, on the cusp of another great weekend. Hopefully some of you caught last week’s blog, and were able to implement some new design sensibility into your apartment. If not, well, there’s always this weekend to try it out, but we got other things to talk about. So, let’s get into that.

Fall Season Stuff:

That’s right, people, we are officially in the fall season and you know what that means. Often times we complain about it because it means winter is on the way, but the fall season is one of those great times when the temperature cools and the seasonal holidays bring a whole new atmosphere.We’re all trading in our summer bathing suits, and taking out our fall sweaters, but that’s nothing new. Soon we will be indulging in boatloads of candy, or getting ready for thanksgiving, and how great is that?

As an added bonus, we will be debuting our October Newsletter next week, wrought with all the bounties of our community. There are a lot of fall season events on the horizon, and new developments that we think are going to be great. We’ll keep that all under wraps until later. No use in spoiling the surprise.

For the most part, we are happy to get out of the summer’s scorching heat. We were championing it while that season was gearing up, but now we are happy to settle into the next change and enjoy all the great things about fall.

So be on the look out for our newsletter, special events happening within the community and Clovis area, and also a few surprises dropping on this blog. Have a great weekend, and a great start to your fall season. We know that’s what we are going to be up to.