Your August Newsletter Is Now Available

It is now officially the August: Fall is just around the corner and fast approaching. Some kids have already started, and some will be starting soon enough. There is a quaint calmness that hangs in the air of August and it is something that we can all sit back and enjoy.

For those of you that didn’t catch our blog last week, Clovis Apartment Group has been working hard on bringing our community a new and exciting newsletter. Well, today marks the official day when you can start reading it. We hope that you get the chance to read it and find something interesting that speaks to you.

There are all sorts of great things in there that you can check out. We have stories about the community, some tips, arts & crafts, recipes, trivia and the list keeps going on from there. If you flip to the back, you’ll be able to see a nice calendar that highlights some of the things happening in the area and within the apartment communities. This is all in line with our latest efforts on enriching our community with a strong and committed effort towards community outreach.

We also want to hear from you. Some of the elements to the newsletter are interactive and we encourage your participation. Send us in your answers, pictures from your completed recipe, and your arts and crafts so we can incorporate that into each monthly newsletter. The more you participate, the better our newsletter will get.

Also, we would like to encourage anyone with any events planned, or anything else in the vein, to contact us so we can put your events in our blog or newsletter. We want to bring the community together and make your time spent with the Clovis Apartment Group as fantastic as it can be. So go down to the front office and grab one or if you provided your email to the office you should be receiving one in your inbox.

Enjoy all the things we put in there for you. As always, we hope you have a great weekend.