Greener Apartment Living

One of the big things happening in the world around us is a focus on going green. It’s an important thing to do for the environment, so it should be a conversation had often. Living in an apartment doesn’t allow you to do some of the more costly, life changing green techniques, but there are small things that can happen to drastically reduce your carbon impact on the environment. Below are some of the quickest and easiest things you can do to help make your apartment living greener.


Green Tips For Apartments:


  • Unplug electronics: Often times our T.Vs, DVD players, Video Game consuls, etc. gets left on. You might be thinking, “ I turn mine off when I’m not using it,” but this isn’t true. Most times these electronics go into stand by mode, which can still consume a lot of energy. By unplugging these items when you are at work, or sleeping. You will drastically reduce the amount of energy used in your apartment.
  • Swap out those light bulbs: This is probably the simplest thing on the list. Actually, they are all pretty simple, but this one is easy. By switching your apartment light bulbs to the Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, you will use less energy and the light bulbs themselves will last up to ten times longer.
  • Cold Water Laundry: Our last tip is simple. If you switch your laundry cycle to cold water, you will save up to 80% in energy.

There are many resources to learn how to go green in apartment living. You can start using reusable grocery bags, reusable cups for coffee, and many others. It’s simple to go green without having to up root your entire life, but doing a lot of the small stuff will still have a substantial impact.