Halloween Craft

Now that Halloween is fast approaching, it’s time to get invested in some seasonal crafts and activities. When it comes to Halloween, we often times think of the spooky. More specifically, the ghost is one of the more iconic figures for Halloween. You see them all over the place, and they always add to the Halloween atmosphere. We did some searching and found a quick and easy Halloween ghost craft that you can do with your kids that will occupy them, give you another seasonal decoration, and be a fun activity to spend an hour or so playing around with afterwards. So, here is the ghost craft.

Materials Needed For Your Ghost Puppet:

  • Twelve inch square of white fabric or handkerchief
  • An elastic band
  • Black Sharpie


Putting it together:


  • Put your index, middle, and ring finger together in a cluster. Make sure your thumb and pinky are stretched to either side.
  • With the white handkerchief, run the diagonal across the yips of your finger. This way each side gets an edge (this will created the “arms” of your ghost puppet).
  • Place the elastic band over the group of three fingers (roughly where the knuckles of your fingers are). This is going to great your ghost’s head.
  • With the head now made, use the sharpie to draw a face on the ghost. It can be anything you want.

And there you go, a quick and easy Halloween project that will give you something to do, and have some fun with your newly made puppets. It won’t take long, but it is a perfect craft for a Friday night in. We’ll have a few more of these as Halloween approaches but, for now, we hope you have a good weekend.